Musician’s Web Hosting Cost Comparison

CompanySet-Up1st Year2nd YearOngoing
HostBaby$0+Your Time$240$240$240/yr
BandVista$0+Your Time$180-240$180-240$180-240/yr
Homestead$0+Your Time$252$252$252/yr
Squarespace$0+Your Time$192$192$192/yr

Ask yourself: Is this the last year I intend to do this?

Your Time
Would you rather teach yourself how to use a hosting company's website building system, which can require a significant amount of time, or spend that time marketing your brand, booking gigs, communicating with your fan base or, just perhaps, writing songs?

Considering our extremely inexpensive rates, your time can be spent in much more productive ways than developing or maintaining your website.

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